Who We Are

we are E-commerce company. We provide you the best quality and in qautity product for both Customer and Retailer.

The History Behind Our
E-commerce company

The purpose of forming this company is that many people in our country (India) are getting goods from outside, due to which the price of goods is high, so that people can get this much price,It is sold at a much higher price to its customer somae are unaffordable and such inflation is coming. We want to end this

The Right People In The Right Jobs


we didn't have CEO because its startup this idea was made by (Aman Srivastav) you can also follow him on Instagram #theaman_2239

Are you Dedicated to fashionable? Join Us!

If you want to make fashionablr ,then join us, if you are a retail customer then you will get a cheap price which people will get at a good price. If you have any problem, then contact on Instagram-#shoptop.club or contact us.